AML Northern Reclamation Award | Waitman-Barbe Highwall
Presented by: The West Virginia Coal Association

Reclamation of this site in Monongalia County abated the following AML hazards: More than a dozen mine portals, three gob piles, three sections of highwall, large amounts of trash and polluted water.  The portals required installation of bat gates and wet-seals as well as associated drainage structures.  Three sections of highwall, nearly a mile in length, were located on the site.  Occupied homes located among the features to be reclaimed increased construction difficulty.

AML Northern Reclamation Award | Tub Run Highwall & Refuse Phase II Project
Presented by: The West Virginia Coal Association

Eastern Arrow was selected for the Northern Reclamation Award due to the difficult nature of earthwork, which was not evident during the design process. In addition to most of the cut areas yielding dark, acidic shale and coal refuse, much of the excavated material was moisture saturated, making its movement more problematic. The portion of the project on The National Forest had special restrictions on clearing, refuse handling, drainage and revegetation. This was done in a manner which the Forest Service and the DEP were very pleased. The periodic sampling performed by the friends of the Blackwater downstream of the project site has received an improvement in pH.

AML Southern Reclamation Award | Sugar Branch Burning Refuse
Presented by: The West Virginia Coal Association

For the exemplary reclamation of burning coal refuse facility in Logan County. Dating from the 1940s, the Sugar Branch refuse pile began burning and venting noxious gases into nearby community of Stollings in June of 2012. The WVDEP declared the site an emergency and selected Eastern Arrow, Inc. to perform the reclamation. Eastern Arrow successfully extinguished the fire by excavating, blending and capping nearly 250,000 CY of refuse while combating extreme ambient temperatures, humidity and burning material. Eastern Arrow completed this work in only 3 ½ months.

AML Southern Reclamation Award | Garden Ground Highwalls - Phase 1
Presented by: The West Virginia Coal Association

In Fayette County, West Virginia, for the reclamation of over six miles of highwall, the elimination of impoundments and the installation of seals in abandoned underground mine entries. This site represents the first phase of several AML projects located on National Boy Scout Camp Property and will add to the long-term safety of the Boy Scout project.

AML Northern Reclamation Award | Pendleton Creek Strip
Presented by: The West Virginia Coal Association

Excellence in Reforestation | Pendleton Creek Strip in Tucker County, WV
Presented by: Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative 

For exemplary performance using the Forestry Reclamation Approach.

Note: This is only a partial list of the awards that the company has received since it's founding in the mid-1970s.